What I learned as a photographer is how to work a camera like how to change the white balance and the aperture , Shutter speed and how to change the ISO. I learned that some pictures can be hard to take like if the place is too dark the photo will be dark unless you change your ISO.

Nature ; sharpness of the tree 

Architecture ; sharpness of the sides

Architecture ; focus on the building 
 Nature; solution of the red 

Nature ; the aperture 

Still life; the focus on one and not all

Architecture ; the way the water falls


  1. Second Image: Architecture; sharpness on the sides.
    Composition/Crop- The crop is good but the angle is crooked.
    Exposure- The exposure is used perfectly.
    Focal Point/Depth of Field- The focal point is toward the spiral.
    Type/Direction of Lighting- The lighting is coming from above.
    Elements of Art/Design- The sharpness of the building and the somewhat black and white.
    Artistic Statement or Message- The message is spoke loudly. (P.S T'Asia these photo blew my mind, they are really good.)

  2. The fourth nature photo is excellent! The crop/composition is really fitting & the exposure is perfect. The focal point is directly on the leaf, where it belongs. The light is coming from straight on . Contrast and space is whats shown the most in the photo! I wouldn't change anything about it! (You're photos are all so well done!)


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